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Born on 07-August-1991, loves Cameras, Computer and Designing....

Hello Everyone, i'm known as MrWhyRus since 2006, so don't judge me with "3 idiots" character

i'm living in Dubai, passionate about Photography, Videography, Video Making, Creator and Speaker...

here are a few things about me,

Q: Where are you from?

A: i'm basically from Pakistan

Q: What inspired you to become a YouTuber/Photographer?

A: that's a long Story, i've saved for an awesome time to share

Q: Do you have a Team?

A: Yes, i have a complete Team, "Camera" "Gimbal" "Tripods" "Lenses" "Editing Softwares"

Q: Why do you live in Dubai?

A: Because i feel safe and protected here, that's why i love to live in Dubai.

Meet My Team

iPhone X

i use this most for 4K Video recording and also for instant photos (Portraits), also for on the Go Editing...


DJI Osmo Mobile 2

This is my best Friend, because this help me make my videos look like Professional


Canon SX740 HS

when i'm not in a mood to carry DSLR, i prefer this compact camera to be with me, because it gives me awesome zoom an...


Canon 7D Mark ii

Here comes something special, to make something awesome you surely need awesome equipment, so here's my Baby, Canon 7D Mark ii, specially whe--


Canon EFS 18-135 Lens

this one is my all time favorite Lens weather i want to capture landscape, Outdoor, travel or Portraits, this seems my best fr--


Canon EFS 15-85 Lens

when i need more stabilization and more depth in portraits or even landscapes, i use this canon efs 15-85mm lens. this gi--